Building a Tiny Home out of a Metal Buildings

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Tiny homes are all the rage these days. Many people are trying to figure out how to live mortgage-free and away from the stresses of life. Tiny homes offer many advantages not only free from the bills that a large home carries but they are also economically friendly.

Tiny homes can be made from many different types of materials from upcycled goods, wood, concrete, and steel along with many other materials.

Building your tiny home with metal has many advantages, though the initial cost may be more expensive than wood or other materials.  Metal has some significant benefits in comparison to the other materials used in the building of tiny homes.

Using a metal building for your tiny home will create a lasting home for many years of enjoyment.

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Metal Buildings are Lighter

Metal buildings are lighter than other options for a tiny home. When you are building or considering a tiny prefabricated home, the weight of your tiny is important. You may not want to move your tiny home on a regular basis, as this is not what owning a tiny home is about; it is not an RV. However, having a tiny home that you can move to another location, if need be, or if you desire is a quality worth having.

Prefabricated metal buildings are up to 30% lighter than wooden buildings and therefore easier to move to another location if you so choose.

Metal Buildings are Stronger

The Metal buildings are stronger than their counterparts of wood and other upcycled materials. Metal buildings made by are made from 14 gauge galvanized steel framing with 29 gauge metal. These structures  can withstand 140 mph windspeeds with snow loads up to 35 pounds per square foot, giving you metal tiny home the strength it needs.  

Metal Buildings are more Durable

Metal Buildings are far more durable as a tiny home as well. If you are building your tiny home with other materials such as wood, the upkeep, and maintenance to make sure the structure stays in tip-top shape is a big job. Metal buildings are mold and pest resistant. Metal buildings are also fire resistant as well.

If you build your tiny home out of wood and a section of your home needs repair due to mold, or damage there is nowhere else in the tiny home for you or your family to occupy while you repair the damage. If you utilized a metal building as your tiny home you could have avoided the issues from the beginning.  

Metal Buildings are Recyclable

Metal buildings are made from recycled materials and when your home has come to the end of its life your tiny home can be recycled once again, being turned into something new. While having a tiny home, made from wood, is arguably also a recyclable product as well. Most of the wood used to build today is new wood and has a higher moisture content.  

Metal Buildings will Cost Less Over Time

In the beginning, you may spend more money on a metal building for your tiny home upfront, but it’s an investment that will pay off. The cost of upkeep and maintenance that you will spend on a wooden structure will far surpass what you pay on a metal building. Metal buildings require less repair and maintenance over the years, saving you money, which is the point of owning a tiny home.

Metal Building Design Versatility

Using a metal building from for your tiny home offers you some amazing design options. You can add windows, doors, choose different colors and see everything using the component visualizer.  The color visualizer to help you see your tiny home come alive on the screen before you buy.

Are you ready to begin your tiny home adventure? Visit and browse through the wide selection of metal buildings we have available. offers free delivery and installation. We have a wide variety of customizations available as well. There is no end to how you can outfit your tiny home. If you have any questions about metal buildings or need any help, contact us.  We are always here to meet any of your metal building and carport needs.


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