Carport vs. Garage – Which One Is Good for You?

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Which is better carport or garage?

When it comes to the safety of your vehicle we are often confused about whether to choose a carport or a garage. Indeed, we don’t want our vehicles to be exposed to elements such as rain, snow, and other human dangers. Carport and garage both provide safety to our vehicles from elements that could damage it. But, which is better?

We know that most of you opt to choose garage compared to a carport, but is it really worth to invest thousands in a garage?  

Nonetheless, please read along to know why you must use a carport compared to a garage.

Why Carports a Better Preference Over Garages?

Undeniably, garages can be nifty, but carports also provide many benefits that we don’t even recognize. Let us look at some of the details why getting a carport could be a better option and more cost-effective for you compared to constructing a garage.


Carports are pocket-friendly. The most apparent reason is a one-car garage, you might spend thousands of dollars; whereas it is very likely to get a carport for only a few hundred.

By-law Free

Having a carport is less hassle than a garage. Why? You are not required to get the project permitted, because getting any major home improvement project it needs to be approved beforehand.  Whereas, carport do not need any permit, so you can simply have a carport and installed it.

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A garage is a big project it will take time to finish especially looking for a contractor to build it, but a carport can be assembled or installed by you or a professional in just a day or two.

Safeguards Vehicles

No fret! With carport, your vehicle is safe from elements that could damage it. The roof of the carport is enough to protect your vehicles from elements like snow, hail or falling branches.

Passive Ventilation

This is much preferred since it provides day to day ventilation for your vehicles. So, no need for you to fear humidity unlike with garage which is most likely you will have a problem with molds.

Visually better

A garage will make your space smaller especially when built as an addition. On the other hand, with carport, you can handpick of your choice. Since it is an open structure, it does not look very hefty.

Serve Other Purposes

Carports have more versatility than a garage. Since carports are open, be creative with space underneath it.  Be creative and resourceful in utilizing the space. You can come up with storage for your equipment’s or perhaps you could also do some grilling for your bbq nights.


One other advantage of building a carport is that they are often movable. You have spent in an addition to your house and gotten used to the advantages of having it, now if you are planning to move you have the option of taking it with you or you could place it anywhere in your yard.

Carports may not be for everyone, but for many people’s choose carport over a garage because it offers many advantages over constructing a garage. Now, you are now informed, it is for you to decide which one is better. But if you are considering to purchase a carport, please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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