How to Clean Out Your Garage Without Feeling Overwhelmed


Whether you are cleaning out your garage because it is your annual spring cleaning routine, or you are doing so because the clutter is getting to you, you need to remember one thing. When you start this task, it will overwhelm you and find yourself quitting right in the middle of it all. This is not surprising since cleaning, whether it be your garage, your attic, or your home, can be a very tiring and stressful chore.

In order to keep from starting but not finishing such a task, here are some tips that might be helpful in making such a project easier to accomplish:

Put together a garage cleaning plan

Before you begin, survey your garage and make a list of things that you need to do. This plan should include what you need to buy, what you need to fix, what you need to install, and who to assign to every single task. If you are doing this alone, make sure your plan includes the time you begin and the time you estimate you will be done. Incorporate into your plan break times so you don’t end up fatigued halfway through and end up taking a long break, which will turn into you stopping altogether.

Set a date for your project

Planning to clean out your garage, especially if it has gone without cleaning for ages, should take at least two days. It is best if you allocate an entire weekend to do this.  If there is a holiday before the weekend, set aside that long weekend to finish this chore. This will help you prepare everything you need long before then. This will also help you get enough rest before you tackle such a tiring and bothersome job.


Create areas for different categories of junk

Not everything that you have in your garage is up for the dumpster and not everything that you think is junk is actually garbage. When you clean out your garage, categorize items according to usefulness. This will help you dispose of useless junk, sell saleable items, and keep stuff that you want and need.

Moreover, if you have no use for an item and it is no longer useful to anyone, then you can put it in the trash pile. If an item is still useful but you no longer have any use for it, it can be put in the donation or garage sale pile. So if an item is still of use to you, then it should be put in the keep or storage pile.

Start early and take everything out for sorting first

When you begin, it helps to clean out and organize your garage with everything taken out of it. This includes your car, any other vehicles in it, and even your storage units. Starting early lets you do things while the air is still cool and the sun is still low in the sky. Taking everything out lets you see it empty, giving you more space to work in and giving you a clearer vision of how it should be organized.

Clean the floors, walls, ceilings, and all areas

You will also need to scrub out your garage before the organization begins. It helps to have a clean garage before you start putting things back. Scrub the floor with a soapy solution, a long-handled brush, and lots of water. If you want, you can even lay down vinyl tile on your garage floor after it dries so that you have a cleaner and easier to maintain floor.


Install your storage units

After your garage is clean, and before you start sorting and organizing stuff, install the additional storage units that you need to install. If you already have existing ones, clean these out and clean them thoroughly. Don’t leave anything uncleaned and inside your storage units when you do this. Always start with a clean slate when you organize your garage.

Start sorting and piling things in their respective piles

You can now sort what you have in your garage into the piles that were mentioned earlier. Doing this outside your garage will help you move faster and will give you more space to move around in. If you are worried about the heat of the sun when you do this, it might help for you to move your metal carport here temporarily as a shade you can work in.

Move things back in after sorting

Once you finish sorting, you can move everything that you are storing back into your garage storage units. You can put junk items in boxes to await pickup by a junk hauling company or you can rent a dumpster for this purpose. Items that are marked to be sold at a garage sale or you are planning on giving away can be placed in boxes that are marked as such and stored either in your attic or again in your garages. Just make sure you don’t forget about these.

Using these tips for cleaning out your garage, whether it is a garage that was built together with your house or a metal garage that you added to your home, will help make such a task easier to do. When a task is not as overwhelming due to these steps, you will find that cleaning your garage can be easily done.

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