The Combo Carport- The Best Solution for Storage and Vehicle Coverage

Many of the homeowners overlooked the essence of what having a garage is all about.  All along they think that sooner or later they will be adding a garage with a storage space and an enclosed parking that they have been used to.  However, most of them realized that the concept of an adjoined garage and its cost has long been a thing of the past. Eventually, they have refocused on acquiring a dual carport to meet their storage requirements and an enclosed parking at a much greater deal.  

Two Car Covered Parking

Deciding on owning a combo metal carport is a meritorious personal move, to begin with.  The highlights are its spacious attributes and defensive strengths against uncontrollable environmental detriment. A combo carport with an enclosed 420 square foot parking area is adequately capable of accommodating two vehicles. It can easily house an SUV or a pickup truck because of its high ceiling. Both vehicles can be risk-free from extended exposure to scorching sunlight as well as the worrisome winter snow and ice.  The steel frame structure and roof panels can be installed with a pre-arranged lengthy warranty of 20 years and 10 years respectively. In other words, the combo carport owner is assured of a long-term beneficial engagement with his covered parking.

Storage Shed

It has not been a ubiquitous option to own a protected storage. The emergence of a combo carport answers daunting storage requirements similar to what an adjoined garage can do. And the best thing about it is its minimal cost. This unit proudly stands with a 200 square feet area. It has a dependable storage space that can make room for any yard paraphernalia such as a lawnmower. Furthermore, it can accommodate a motorcycle and any other materials that you want to be shielded and locked.  Its 8-foot-wide door makes way for a convenient access to your storage space. There is a walk-in door in the carport that protects you from the intrusive rain or snow. The two windows are great sources of natural light when working in the storage area. The comfort and dependability that go with the whole package are irresistible considering that the stakes are high if you fail to make a logical decision right from the start.

Many Benefits

A detached combo carport grants you more freedom and flexibility.  The convenience to locate your parking and storage anywhere on your property is priceless. Creating your parking fixed right next to your home is now a thing of the past.  Another interesting highlight of a detached dual carport is the minimal noise it creates and the safety quality it projects. Toxicity from vehicle fumes is no longer an issue due to the distance of your carport, which an attached garage usually puts your family’s health at risk.  Security wise, the combo carport is undoubtedly a better solution than an old-fashioned type. Your investment will never go wrong with this new dual-aimed unit and cost-effective innovation.


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