Should You Contact Your City Before Installing a Carport Garage to Your Home?

Installing Carports

This is one of the more important questions that people should ask when they are thinking of installing a carport garage to their home. Is it imperative that you contact your local government before you start installing a carport or garage to your home? The answer is actually not that simple.

Installing Carports GarageThis usually depends on a number of factors and one such factor is your location. Some cities and towns do require residents to obtain permits before any structures are added to an existing home, and these include structures that are prefabricated or are simply put together without the need for a foundation, such as carports and metal garages. There are some however who require a permit only when the structure is built from the ground up, which means it comes complete with construction plans, a foundation, anchors, an architect, an engineer, and construction workers.

There are some areas in the US however who do not require a resident to present a permit when putting a prefabricated garage on their property, but these comes with a few stipulations. If the garage that is being “built” on the property is to stand simply on gravel and not on a slab of concrete with anchors, then no permits may be required. If, however, the prefabricated structure is to stand on a concrete slab and will be anchored down to this slab which will be built on the property, then permits may be in order.

What to Do Before Ordering Your Carport Garage

This flexibility in the laws that govern the installation of such structures to a home can leave a few people pretty confused, particularly since each state, and even different towns and cities, have their own rules for these things. What do you do when you are planning on having a prefabricated garage on your property? The safest thing is for you to do some research before making the decision once and for all.

Researching about construction laws and guidelines for your city or town will give you an idea as to what is needed before a new metal garage or metal carport is added to your home. You can get a lot if information on these rules and regulations online. Just make sure that you add the name of your state, city, or town to your search to come up with more detailed information on what you are looking for.

Another thing you can do is to actually contact your city or town and ask about such laws and guidelines. This will give you not only the chance to find out what it is that you need to do before you put up your garage, but it also gives you the chance to obtain the permits you need sooner. You can even ask more detailed and specific questions regarding your garage plans when you do this, removing any doubt and uncertainty that may arise with such a plan.

Also, you should remember that ordering your carport garage should come only after you have this information. This is to help you avoid any additional costs that may come in the form of penalties or restrictions when it comes to installing such a structure or addition to your home.

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