Is Craigslist the Best Place to Buy a Carport?

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Craigslist is a shopping solution practical for minor purchases. However, the shopper is susceptible to security threats when making major purchases using this online shopping site.  Moreover, there is a great uncertainty of the reliability and durability of the product acquired.

Personal Security

Dealing with a total stranger online can be highly risky. Unlike when purchasing a minor commodity from a post on Craigslist, investing on a carport is seriously a different story.  You are exposing your personal profile including your private residence for the delivery.  Now, this is an aspect you should carefully consider.  It is understood that the payment mode is cash on delivery so someone has full expectation that you have available cash at your disposal upon delivery. The Home Repair conducted a study on this matter and it has approximated a minimum of $6,000 depending on the size as the unit price of your purchase.  You become an easy target of some fly-by-night sellers or agents out there. Not only your money but also your general welfare is at stake.

Carport Garage - CarportsupercenterQuality Check of the Carport

Another great disadvantage to remember when purchasing via Craigslist is you are deprived of the opportunity to scrutinize a model carport. Viewing is an ideal process prior to closing any transaction.  You are assuming that the configuration of the product exactly fits your preference. Its size, quality, and design are just what you have in mind only to discover later on upon delivery that you were deceived.  The whole incident becomes an ordeal for you most especially when you have already settled your accountability in cash.  Generally, the imperfections that you will find out are incomplete and defective pieces or parts. Receiving poorly manufactured materials can also be a great concern. You are helpless being on the receiving end of a metal carport produced below quality standards. You will end up sending hopeless written complaints to an unreachable or unresponsive business contact.  Unfortunately, you realize that you are left in the dark alone in addressing the whole mess.

Investment Assurance

Credibility and quality assurance are vital when making a major investment.  It is your ultimate goal to achieve longevity and reliability of your purchase. Unfortunately, transacting with a seller on Craigslist does not provide you with a money-back guarantee.  You have a slim chance of getting what you hoped for your money’s worth.  Considering a stable and credible carport dealer assures you of a business that has passed government guidelines and policies.  The level of professionalism is second to none.  You have access to performing a background check of the dealer’s profile.  Before finalizing your transaction, you got already all the information you needed. You pursue the deal with an informed decision including ways on how to get after-sale services.  Your fingertips will perform what are necessary for you by browsing online and do some pertinent research.  Doing so means rewarding yourself with long-lasting benefits and enjoyment of your hard-earned investment.


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