The Difference Between a Horizontal and Vertical Roof on Your Carport Garage

When you are planning on buying a carport garage for your home, there are a lot of considerations for you to make before you can conclude such a purchase. Choices have to be made for a number of things, and these include the material your carport garage will come in, the color of the garage, the size of the garage if it will come with an attached shed, and what shape the room should come in. Speaking of the roof, one of the choices you might be made to decide on would be whether or not the panels are running in a vertical fashion or a horizontal fashion.

The choice between vertical and horizontal ribbing for your garage roofs often comes when you select a garage with a standard A-frame roof. Each one has its pros and cons, with some people choosing one over the other simply because they like how one looks over the other. If you are unsure which one you should pick for your garage, here are some of the differences between these two roof styles.

Carport RoofsVertical Roof

When you choose a carport garage with a vertical roof, you get a garage roof that has ribs running in a line from the top of the roof down to the edge of the garage wall. This has panels that run from the top of the structure to the sides of your garage, with a ridge cap at the top that helps keep water from seeping into the garage. Such garage roofs are made with two separate panels, one for each side, and the ridge cap connects both into the a-shape that this roof comes in.

One of the advantages of a vertical roof on your metal garage is that water flows down these ribs along the lines that these make. This can make it easy for you to regulate the flow of runoff from your garage roof and you can easily add a gutter to the sides of this roof to further channel any water in a direction that won’t create trenches on the side of your garage.

Horizontal Roof 

Choosing a carport garage with a horizontal roof will give you a roof system that can be made using one length of roofing material and without the need for a ridge cap. This type of roofing style is what is used to create wrapped-corner design garages. This is considered one of the more cost-effective designs when it comes to metal garages and carports since it utilizes a single length of ribbed roofing material and won’t need connectors to help with the roof’s shape.

As cost-effective as this roof style may be, it has a few drawbacks that make people choose to go with a vertical roof instead. This is because the flow of water when it rains and hits this roof tends to go everywhere. Unlike a vertical roof, which channels water down the sides of the roof and the garage, a horizontal roof lets water drain away on the sides, front, and back of the structure. This means that runoff is harder to control with this kind of a garage roof.

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