What to Do When Your Home Does Not Have a Built In Garage

Metal Garages

When you have a home that does not have a metal garage, and you find yourself buying a vehicle, the lack of such a feature can seem like a problem. You wouldn’t want your car to suffer damage from the elements, would you? But you are not sure how you can remedy such a situation given that a garage is usually a feature built with the house.

These days, the building of a separate garage is no longer a problem. In fact, you can actually have a new garage built in less than a week. As long as you have space and budget for it, a new garage for your new vehicle won’t ever be a problem. You won’t even need to leave your home to buy one since you can easily find companies online that can deliver these to you.

Options You Have for Garages

There are many options available to you when it comes to prefab structures that can protect your carMeta Garage from the elements. Although some people do still prefer to have a garage constructed for such a purpose, others find that a prefab structure works just as well. It even allows them to have the structure up and ready for use in a short amount of time.

When you search for prefab garages online, you will find that these come in choices that are based on the kind of roof that you want. Some of the options you have include vertical roof garages, standard roof garages, and boxed-eave roof garages. The most popular of these choices is the vertical roof one, primarily because this design allows for easy run-off of water and removal of snow.

Other options you have for these structures include the size, number of doors, additional features, and color. You can choose to go with a garage that is already pre-made and in standard colors, or have one custom made in the design and color scheme that you want. You can even choose every single component that goes into the creation of your custom garage.

What to Do If You Don’t Have Enough Space for a Garage

If your home does not have enough space for a garage to be built or installed, there are other options for you to turn to. To protect your vehicle from the ravages of nature, you can choose to have a carport instead. Carports are a great alternative to garages since these can be compact yet durable enough to protect your car.

Carport GarageCarports can also be made to totally enclose your vehicle. While most of these portable structures come with open sides, you can choose to have your carport made with closed sides. You can even choose to have tarps that can be rolled up or rolled down whenever you want, making for a versatile carport.

While carports may seem like a less protective version of garages, due to the fact that these can be blown away by strong winds, you can actually choose to anchor these down. Just have a concrete slab poured and footings made, and you can easily anchor down your carport to become a sturdier yet somewhat portable alternative to a garage.

Just like prefab garages, carports that you can order online can also come in a variety of roof types. Vertical is still the most popular of all options, but you can choose other types, such as boxed-eave and standard, if you like. These also come in standard sizes to fit from one to three vehicles, but you can choose to have a custom one made, if you need to.

Things to Consider Before Ordering Your New Garage or Carport

Before you order your new garage or carport online, there are a few things you need to consider. If Prefab Garagesyou are thinking of having a concrete floor poured for it, you might want to ask your city’s local planning department for possible zoning and code restrictions. You will also want to ask if you need to get a permit to add such a structure to your home.

You will also need to find a contractor to work with, if you decide to attach your new prefab garage to your home. The same goes if you want to have your concrete floor have footers that can secure your carport to the ground.

Whatever you decide to do, one thing you definitely need to do is to find a reliable carport and garage manufacturer you can trust. One company that you can trust with this is Carport Supercenter. We have prefab carports, prefab garages, and other metal structures for you to choose from. We can also customize what you need and have it for you in a shorter period of time than it takes to construct a garage from the ground up.

To find out more, you can get in touch with us by calling 1-877-275-7710 or you can contact us via email at sales@carportsupercenter.com.

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