Why Having a Maintenance Plan for Your Metal Buildings is a Good Idea

metal building

While a metal building is very durable, not doing anything by way of maintenance with such a structure will slowly cause it to deteriorate. These structures are low-maintenance, to begin with, so not having a maintenance plan for it is unacceptable. This is because keeping such buildings well-maintained won’t cost you much, making it inexcusable for you to not have one.

With that said, let us first tackle what you should do to keep your metal buildings properly maintained. For proper building maintenance, you need to first set a schedule. Set a once a year schedule for overall building checkups. That includes the checking of the roof and all the parts of the building. Furthermore, twice a year checkup of the more vulnerable parts of the building where dents and scratches may appear.

Maintenance Work On A Metal Building

You also need to keep an accurate record of all the maintenance work done on your building and what repairs were made to it. Write down dates, where the damage was found, what work was done to it, and when the next check. Areas that have been damaged may be susceptible to further damage if not checked on a regular basis. This is because the original protective coating on that part of the building is no longer protecting it.

metal building

Part of your maintenance plan should be regular cleaning of your building and the clearing of debris on it, in it, and around it. While metal that is powder coated and treated with chemicals that can promote rust resistance are not susceptible to tarnishing and corrosion, if excess moisture is present and left without being addressed, there is still a possibility of rust happening.

Roofs with piles of wet leaves, surrounding areas with wet grass and other debris that is left to grow molds and mildew. Even the snow that is left to pile up on your structure’s roof can bring about damage to your structure. Clearing these on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule will help you avoid the damage on your metal structure. You may need to schedule a daily cleanup of your roof if leaves pile up really fast or if it snows daily.

Why a Maintenance Plan is Necessary

As mentioned earlier, metal buildings are very durable.  This does not mean that these will not suffer any damage if these are left without any care. A maintenance plan is needed if you want your buildings to stay as durable. A maintenance plan is also essential if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on major repair. Replacing parts of your building that have gone to disrepair because of lack of checkups and maintenance.

In short, a maintenance plan is supposed to help save you money. It may be somewhat labor intensive with the regular cleaning and clearing that you need to do.  Hence, you don’t need massive repairs on your metal buildings due to extensive damage.  

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