Maximize Garage with These Organizational Tips and Tricks

Maximize garage

Maximize Garage

Ever experience this scenario? You walk into your garage and trip over the rake that fell to the floor after you left it there the day you cleaned your yard. You then have to sidle into space between your car and you maximize garage wall to get into your vehicle. This is because of the boxes and other stuff piled on the other side of your car that is making the parking situation a bit of a tight squeeze.

When the space in your garage becomes rather scarce due to the pileup of items in it, it might be time for you to schedule a cleanup and to organize whatever it is you have in there. Your garage does not have to lack space for everything you need if you organize it in such a way that space becomes readily available. How do you do that? Here are some tips that you can use to create a lot of space for your garage and to maximize on your use for it:

Get rid of that junk 

Yes, stuff that can be considered junk should  be thrown away to maximize garage. Allocating much-needed space for your car to accommodate junk makes no sense. The only way you can reclaim the space that junk occupies instead of your car is to get rid of it. How do you do this?

You will need to schedule a day when you can sort through everything that you have stored in your garage. Not everything you tossed in there, after all, can be considered trash. You might even have one or two items in the pile that can fetch a good price on eBay or on some other online selling site.

Once you have sorted through the stuff that was eating up garage space, throw out the stuff that you are sure is garbage and organize the remaining items for proper storage. To ensure that you do throw out the useless junk in your pile, rent a dumpster the week you are cleaning out your garage or schedule a junk hauler pick up the weekend of your cleaning schedule.

maximizing garage

Use your space the smart way

There are a lot of smart organizational ideas that you can use to increase the amount of storage space you have in your garage. It does not matter if your garage is one that is built into your home or is a prefab metal garage that you added in over the years. These organizational hacks can work for any garage that you have.

To create the space that you need to easily get to your car, you need to create storage units that take your stuff away from the floor. Have shelving units that can carry heavy loads installed alongside your walls away from your car and shelves that are made for smaller stuff installed on the wall near your car. You can also utilize the ceiling of your garage for storage by installing bike hooks, runners that can hold plastic bins, and other similar storage ideas that can store items aloft.

You can also organize items in such a way that makes it easy for you to find what you need when you need it. This way, you can void creating clutter every time you need to use your gardening tools or you want to use that old paint you kept to touch up your kitchen cabinets.

Get an Extension Unit

If even after all your efforts to declutter, organize and maximize garage proves futile and does not give you all the space you need, it might be time to consider a garage extension or a prefab metal barn or shed for your storage needs. You can have all the extra space you need by ordering these pre-made structures and have them delivered to your doorstep. You can have the safe and secure storage space you require while at the same time, getting back the garage space that your car needs.

If another building on your property is not doable, you can opt for another type of structure for your car’s protection. You can order a metal carport that you can assemble right in front of your existing garage. This way, you still get the storage space and keep your car protected from the elements at the same time without it eating too much space.

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