Keep Your Metal Carport in Tip-Top Shape All Year Long

Metal Carport

Even though your carport is from metal, you should perform some basic maintenance for it to last many years. When you purchase a metal carport from the, you are buying a metal structure from a company with over 80 years of experience in the carport industry. Our metal carports are made with high-quality steel and craftsmanship you can trust.  

Metal carports don’t require as much maintenance as wooden carports and are definitely at lower risk for some of the issues facing wooden structures, however, following these steps can ensure your metal carport will last a long time and provide your property superior protection.  

Metal Carport

Keep It Clean

As with any structure you want to keep your metal carport clean and free of dust, dirt, and debris. If you allow build-up to accumulate on or in your metal carport or metal building mold can grow and damage your unit over time. Removal of build-up on a regular basis is recommended for maintaining your metal carport, and don’t forget to remove debris from the roof of your carport.

Wash your metal carport at least once a year with ammonia and warm water solution. You can use a power washer to help get the job done fast!

Perform Regular Maintenance

Checking your metal carport at least two times a year at length for any damage is a must. You should be checking your carport for normal wear and tear damage but also for damage caused by weather following bad storms, or any damage caused by anything that you are storing in your metal carport or metal barn from automobiles to livestock.

If your metal carport has doors, make sure you take the time to inspect and clean them twice a year. Also, ensure the seals are working and providing proper insulation.

Repair your Metal Carport

There may be times when your metal carport needs repairs. The repairs needed may be a result of something that you are storing in your metal carport or metal barn, or from the weather, whatever the case may be, do not neglect the repairs and let them get worse.  Fixing your metal carport ensures the lifespan of your carport.

If you determine something you need to repair, it’s important to try.  Figure out what caused the damage to determine what you need to buy to fix the issue.

Insulate Your Carport

Depending on your geographic location and the type of carport you have, you could consider insulating your metal carport as a means to reduce the fluctuation in temperature throughout the structure. By doing so, you reduce the condensation issues which lead to rust within the metal carport. Condensation and metal are not a good combination, and you want to avoid them as much as possible. Through insulation, you can achieve a good solution.

Manage Water

As stated previously, water and metal don’t mix. You want to ensure that you never have a standing water situation around your metal carport or metal barn. Issues such as these can compromise the integrity of your foundation and cause major issues.

If you live in an area that experiences major shifts in the weather, make sure you check your carport area.  There could be standing water issues and proper drainage, including snow buildup and downspouts.

Following these maintenance tips is sure to extend the life of your metal carport. is proud to offer you a large variety of metal carports, metal barns, metal RV covers, metal sheds, commercial metal buildings, and more. We have metal buildings at many price points guaranteed to meet your budget.

Contact today for any questions you may have on all of your metal carport needs as well as any carport maintenance questions; we are always happy to assist.

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