Metal Garages vs. Wood Garages: Why One is Better Than the Other

metal and wood garages

Traditional garages are often built with wooden sides and galvanized steel roofs. These are also chosen by those who love the traditional and old-fashioned look that these garages have. Lately however, more and more people are turning to metal garages for their homes and vehicles, and for many good reasons. It has been judged that metal garages are actually better than traditional wood ones.

Why is a metal garage better than a traditionally wooden one? Here are some reasons that people cite for such a choice:

metal garages and wood garagesIt requires less time and work in constructing

Putting up a wood garage will actually take longer than when you decide to put up a prefabricated steel one. This is because wooden garages have to be built from the ground up much like you would a traditional house. Prefabricated metal garages come with their components ready for assembly, requiring less time and effort for you to put it together.

These are more durable than wood garages 

Metal garages are more sturdy and durable than wood garages because these are made using steel that has been treated to withstand various weather conditions. Even when the wood used to create a wooden garage is treated with waterproofing paint and other chemicals, it cannot compare with the durability of metal garages. This is because the galvanized metal that is used for these structures are not prone to rotting due to moisture, damage due to termites, and other similar problems.

Metal garages are more cost-effective 

Garages that are made out of metal is considered to be more cost-effective than those built with wood, and there are many reasons why this is so. This is because such garages can be built in a shorter span of time than wood garages, which lowers construction labor costs that are associated with creating these structures. These also do not necessarily need a foundation for it to stand on, whereas wooden garages need a frame, anchors, and a foundation in order for these to stand sturdily on your property.

Easier to customize 

These structures are also easier to customize when compared with wooden garages. This is because these come to you with design options that you can add or remove from the garage without needing an architect for such changes or additions. You can order your prefabricated metal garages with specific features from your chosen manufacturer and you even get to see what it looks like from the rendering that your manufacturer has on their site.

Easier to maintain 

Another advantage that a metal garage has over a wooden one is that it is easier to maintain. To clean such a garage, all you need is soapy water, a sponge or rag, and a hose to rinse off the soapy water with. Wipe down the sides of your metal garage with the sponge and soapy water, then wash this off with water from a hose. Want additional protection for your metal garage? Wipe it dry with a clean and dry rag, then spray it with a spray-on wax for an added layer of protection and shine.

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