Pole Barns Versus Steel Buildings

Pole Barns vs. Steel Buildings (2)

In the market for a barn that can keep your livestock or horses safe from harsh weather conditions, fires and predators? It can be tough to find one that shelters animals to your satisfaction – without a price that makes it hard for you to feed them or you and your family. When most people think of barns, they envision traditional structures made entirely of wood; however, wood is not the only building material on the market. Your options for barns fall into two categories: iconic pole barns or innovative metal buildings, also called steel buildings.

Here’s what you need to know to make the right choice.

Characteristics of Pole Barns

  • Typically made of wood (though they can have a metal truss)
  • Price likely to be higher due to timber cost
  • Highly susceptible to damage caused by adverse weather conditions, fires and pests

Characteristics of Metal Barns

  • Metal-framed and roofed
  • Economical and competitively priced
  • Highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, fires and pests

So How Much Will This Cost?

Naturally, prices will vary due to location and features. A 24×40 pole barn constructed of wood could cost start at $20,000 and max out at $50,000 (materials and labor).

By comparison, the cost for materials and labor of a 54×41 metal building could top out at $18,000.

A Closer Look at the Differences

Labor is not only the biggest expense for any building project, but a huge factor in the quality of construction. Workers who build pole barns spend significant time cutting lumber to exact measurements, framing and drilling holes for wiring. If the work is of poor quality, the result will be a substandard building.

Speaking of lumber, it’s not always easy to maintain consistency in the wood that’s used – another factor in the quality of your garage or carport. And once your barn is completed, you might be left with a sizable amount of scrap wood.

On the other hand, frames and panels for metal barns have already been measured before arriving at your location. Often, workers only need to follow a simple set of instructions to complete the build. Unlike lumber, there’s no issue with the consistency of steel, and the waste generated during construction could be as low as 2 percent.

Maintenance and Other Issues

The typical pole barn made of wood is less resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, high wind and storms. All of those issues means the wood is susceptible to cracking, splitting and rotting. Termites love wood, and damage is likely because of them. A pole barn made of wood also needs a new roof about every 15 years and – of course – is no match for a fire. And unless you like having to paint, you’ll find yourself dealing with this chore every four to seven years.

Contrast all of that to metal buildings. Their strength allows them to withstand extreme weather conditions and pests, and a greater resistance to fires. You’ll never have to worry about cracking, splitting or rotting. Painting and roof replacement are not needed.

There’s also a good possibility that you’ll get a sizable discount on insurance for your steel building.

When it comes to recyclability and energy efficiency, a steel building is superior to its wood counterpart. Steel from a dismantled metal building can be recycled once it’s used; wood frames, however, usually end up in the landfill. In terms of efficiency, metal roofs generate less heat than wooden ones.

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