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Barns aren’t what they used to be; gone are the traditional buildings of yesterday, the red, wooden structures found on farms across the country. Today’s metal barns are built from high-quality steel to meet a variety of farming needs, whether you’re storing equipment or sheltering livestock.  At Carport Supercenter, the best metal barn is built to stand the test of time, and, better yet, can be customized to meet your specific needs. Better yet, all of our metal barns come with free delivery and installation, as well as a 20-year warranty.

While there are a variety of factors to take into account when purchasing your metal barn, here are five to start with:

Storage/Space: The first step in determining the best metal barn for your needs is by what you’re storing, and how much space you need. Some options are better for housing livestock, while others are ideal for safeguarding farming equipment. Many of our customers often request extra storage space, too. As always, the specific metal barn need will direct you toward the best possible option.

Location: The site for your metal barn will also dictate which option works best. Once you’ve determined the perfect location—and checked to see if you’ll need a permit.  You can work with one of our installation experts to ensure you meet any necessary regulations, and receive any pertinent certifications.

Weather: Where you live definitely has an impact on what metal barn makes the most sense. If you simply need sun and rain protection, you can make a decision based on that. But if you live in a part of the country that sees heavy snowfall, or high winds, then that needs to be taken into account.

Customization: While we offer standard sizes and styles, we’re more than willing to collaborate with you to create the metal barn that fits your needs. That’s the beauty of these structures: there are endless ways to customize them.

Style: While customization starts with filling your specific need, you do have aesthetic choices to make regarding your metal barn. From roof style to color, we can build a metal barn that protects your equipment and livestock, but one that meets your style expectations, too.

Your Specific Need Will Help Determine Your Metal Barn Style

Once you’ve taken the five factors above into account, typically one of the first big decisions is determining what type of roof style will fit your needs best. No matter your choice, your metal barn will have the structural integrity and functionality to protect your farm equipment and livestock, but your budget and climate will ultimately determine the best fit.

Regular Style: Also known as a “Horse Barn,” this style is the most economical of the three options. This style has rounded eves, with the roof panels running horizontally from the front to the back of the building. The style is perfect for protecting equipment and livestock from elements like sunshine and light rain but won’t suffice if you reside in a place that experiences heavy rains and high winds. This style also features a rounded corner roof with a minimum 9’ interior leg height.

Boxed Eave Style: Engineered to provide the coverage you need while maintaining a traditional look, this A-Frame (or “Carolina Barn”) style has panels that run from front to back, much like the regular style. More affordable than the vertical roof style, this option works well if you need added protection from high winds—but probably isn’t enough if you see heavy snowfall or rain. This is ideal for those seeking a 10’ barn and above.

Vertical Roof Style: While our vertical style design (also known as the “Seneca Barn” style) is the most durable, we believe it’s also the best-looking all-around option. The panels on this style run vertically, attaching to hat channels, giving it unparalleled strength. Most importantly, this design allows snow and rainwater to exit off the sides, ensuring the barn isn’t weighed down, and that your equipment and livestock are protected in even the harshest climates.

The Perfect Metal Barn Size Will Ensure Full Coverage

What you’re protecting is an important aspect of your a-frame barns purchase. To ensure you have appropriate coverage—or if you know you have the additional equipment or livestock purchases on the horizon—taking the time to consider three different metal barn measurements will help you make the best decision on overall barn size.

Width: Metal barns are different from other structures; in most cases, there are three measurements that impact your choice. The center width is most important, with most options capping out at a maximum of 30’. Standard widths of the left and right lean-tos are 12’ each.

Length: With length, the amount of equipment and livestock matters, but there are other questions, too: Do you need additional storage? Are you only storing livestock? Are you planning on additional equipment purchases in the future? Once you know the answers to these questions, the right length will be clear. Keep in mind standard industry lengths are 21 ’, 26’, and 31’.

Side Height: With barns, there are three side heights to take into account. Typically the left and right lean-tos are identical and will be lower than the center height on each side. For all three side heights, it’s important to ensure the right height, which means the height is measured based on the legs of the barn—not total building height.

While there are industry standards when it comes to the width, length, and ride height of your metal barn and garages, don’t forget that one of our metal barn specialists can help you customize the perfect solution for your farming needs. 

Your Best Metal Barn Is Completely Customizable 

We offer a full spectrum of color options for your metal carport:
Color aside, there are a variety of other ways to customize your metal carport:

Garage Doors: Adding garage doors to your metal barn can offer flexibility and convenience. If this is a feature you’d like to add, we can discuss standard.  Also, custom sizes, and where you’d like them placed. Windows and walk-in doors can also be included in your design, too.

Side Panels: While side panels offer more overall protection, they help reinforce the framing of your metal carport, too. This customization is especially important for taller carports.

Gable Ends: Gable ends serve two purposes: they can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your metal carport.  You can hide frame and braces, and they offer additional framing support as well.

J-Trim: While on the surface J-trim seems like a pure decorative choice, its also provides function. Since you can conceal sharp panel edges, it works as a safety feature, especially for families with children.

Bows and Trusses: Bows and trusses also offer support to your carport and working inside the roof.

Anchors: For additional structural integrity, your metal carport can be on the ground.

Obviously, when purchasing a metal barn there are many factors to consider. That’s why our metal barn specialists are here: to answer your questions and provide the perfect solution. Once you’ve made a decision on your metal garage, they’ll be with you every step of the way until installation.

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