Things to Never Store in Your Garage


Most homeowners use their garages for more than just housing their cars. A lot of them use their garages to store odds and ends that they cannot fit in their homes. While it is ideal that homes have a separate storage unit or a metal shed for storing items in, there are times when space is an issue and the garage is where stuff ends up getting stored.


While your garage is indeed a great place for storage needs, with a lot of storage ideas you can use to create enough space for all of your stuff, there are some things that should never find its way into your garage. There are a few items that should be stored elsewhere and not in your garage, and here are some of them:


If you live in an area that gets rather frigid during the winter months, and you have a fireplace to keep you toasty warm, then there is a possibility that you store your firewood in your garage. While it is tempting to do this to keep the wood dry and ready for your fireplace at any time, it will actually cause pest problems for your home.

Your best recourse for proper firewood storage is to have an elevated rack outside your back door to keep your firewood off the ground. Also, to keep it dry from any form of precipitation, all you need is a tarp to cover it.

Propane and fuel tanks 

Some people store the extra propane tanks for their gas grill or gas stove in their garages. This can pose a huge fire hazard to your home, particularly if these tanks leak or someone accidentally leaves a valve open. When the gas from these tanks leak and there’s a spark by your vehicle, it is liable to set your house on fire.

Extra canned goods 

If you run out of storage cabinets and spaces in your kitchen for canned stuff, don’t relegate these to the shelves in your garages. 

Garages are rarely cool or dry all the time. These can be warm and damp during the warmer months of the year, which can cause your canned goods to rust. The heat in your garage can also cause the food in these cans to spoil, which is something you don’t want happening.

Extra freezer or refrigerator 

This habit of placing an extra refrigerator or freezer in the garage developed in the 1950s and 1960s when frozen food was at its peak popularity. Since people love the convenience of having a ready and complete meal on hand in the freezer, and extra one was usually kept in the house, usually in the garage.

Also, if you are concerned about energy bills and want to save on electricity, having an extra refrigerator or freezer in your garage is a no-no. If you have a basement, this is where this appliance should be placed. If you put it in the garage, the heat outside can make it work twice as hard to keep the stuff inside it frozen. This translates to higher energy bills, which you definitely do not want.

Whether you have an attached garage, a prefab metal garage, or a metal barn that you use as a garage from Carport Super Center, all of these storage no-nos should be followed. These are not the only things you should keep stored in your home and not in your garage.

Other items that made it to the list of things to never store in your garage include old photographs, paint, old newspapers and magazines, electronics, wooden furniture, and fabric items. All of these, when exposed to the moisture, insects, heat, and cold that these garages are sure to have, will suffer from irreparable damage.

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