How To Update The Garage Lighting

Garage Lighting

When you say that you want to update the lighting of your garage, this can involve both indoor and outdoor garage lighting. The kind of lighting you choose for your garage can complete the look that you are aiming for. This can include more than just replacing burned out lightbulbs, broken glass covers, and the like.

To update your garage’s lighting, you should first look at your garage as a whole. You need to consider its overall design in order to come up with the right kinds of lighting options for it. You also need to look at the use of these lights, apart from illuminating the area these are to be used in.

garage lighting

Garage Lighting Ideas You Can Consider

To give your garage the kind of lighting it deserves, and to make this part of your home look as presentable as the rest of your abode, here are some ideas that you should consider for your outdoor and indoor lighting needs:

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Sconces beside your garage doors 

There are a lot of designs for you to choose from when it comes to sconces that will look good flanking the two sides of your garage doors. Choose the design that fits your garage design best. If you have a carriage-style garage façade, you will do well to go with lantern-style sconces. For modern looking garages, a minimalist look might be your best bet when it comes to your sconces.

Install uplights and pathway lighting leading to your garage

Uplights that illuminate the walls outside your garage and even pathway lights can also help give your garage and home a great look at night. These lights can also help you see where your driveway is and will help make your home visible, which can help deter thieves.

Motion sensors and floodlights in darker areas are a good idea 

If there are areas around your garage and your home that are darker than others, it might be a good idea to install floodlights with motion sensors on them in these areas. This will help increase the security of your home and can also help illuminate the outside of your garage when you arrive or leave late at night.

Indoor Lighting Ideas

Install overhead lighting every 4 feet of space 

One of the mistakes people make when installing indoor lighting for their garage is to install one hanging bulb or overhead light for the entire garage. This won’t provide you with ample lighting in such a space. Overhead lighting every four to five feet of space is ideal for proper garage illumination.

Install task lighting

If you have workbenches, storage areas, and other special areas in your garage, having specific lighting for these areas is a great idea. Not only will you get enough light for these parts of your garage when you need them, but you can also save on electricity if you are working specifically in these parts of your garage by turning these lights on and turning your overhead lights off.

These lighting ideas will help you properly illuminate not only your garage and its exteriors but also create an amazing look for your home at night. Whether you are doing this for your prefab metal garage from Carport Super Center or with a garage that comes built-in with your home, the addition of proper lighting is always a good idea.

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